Thursday 6-11-20
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
WOW, what a school year! I would like to take this opportunity to say a very heartfelt and special thank you to ALL the PACE Executive Board Members and Committee Chairs for all of their extra time, talents and service to St. Francis of Assisi School for the 2019-20 School Year. Through your tireless ongoing efforts and generous love for SFA you make so much possible. Thank you ALL so very much!
A big thanks to all the SFA families and individuals who volunteered their time and energy to help at so many events and activities for the benefit of our children!
The glory of this school is possible because of everyone’s involvement! Thank you again!
My Gratitude and Blessings,
Kathy Cronin, PACE President
The St. Francis of Assisi School Board is an advisory board that for the most part works behind the scenes. We work closely with Mrs. Vanderklugt and Father Ismael to discuss school policies and provide guidance in the decision making process. This year we wanted to focus on creating a scholarship fund to provide tuition assistance to our families in need. We hosted two successful Trivia Nights – 1 in person in November and 1 virtual in May. We thank you for your support of these two events.
As school board President I am extremely grateful for the commitment to our school that my fellow board members have shown not just this year but always. Many thanks to Joanne Barrios, Elizabeth Chaponot, Jeanne Gomez, Catherine Morimoto, and Matthew Riley for giving of their time and talent to help grow our school community.
Lesley Schooler
School Board President
I am very grateful for this opportunity to thank my wonderful cheerleaders and their families as well as this community for all of your support over the years.
Thank you to my 7th grade team: Sofia Cattrone, Laila Franklin, Zyanya Gutierrez, Micayla Lewis, Izzy Oswald, Eva Real, Elizabeth Riley, and Victoria Vannelli. Some of you have been on this team since 5th grade! It’s been amazing to watch all of you grow and become such a solid team. You have matured into natural leaders and stewards of the school. Our season is pretty much year round and no matter what, I can count on you to be there for each other and your school when you are needed. Thank you for all of this time, hard work, and dedication. Watching you cheer on our 2020 graduates on Friday was amazing but also bittersweet because I know our time together will be coming to an end and soon you will be the ones graduating. Speaking of graduates, thank you also to Linh Nguyen for stepping in as the very awesome James Bond Falcon. Another big thanks to our amazing mini-falcon, Lindsey Imbellino!
Thank you also to my 5th and 6th grade team: Paula Holloway, Megan Imbellino, Jade Navarro, Sofia Perales, Ava Tsamoudakis, Soraya White, and Abigail Zamora. For some of you, this was your second year and for some your first. It was a wonderful year of growth through practice, performances, and events. I loved watching you become your own unit. It takes guts to stand in front of a crowd and get one shot to perform something you’ve worked hard on for months. I loved watching your confidence grow as you proved to yourself that you could do it. Thank you also to Carondelet’s dance team captain Gianna Ottati, and cheer team captain Vanessa Real for coming to help with this team. You were amazing and I am so thankful for you!
Thank you so much to my cheer parents! You have chaperoned, brought snacks, collected and delivered frozen turkeys, stood with girls during carline for turkey drive, hosted parties, walked in parades, helped in game booths for International Festival, drove distances for games, competitions, and camps, helped prep for rallies, made sure they had all the right parts at every performance, etc., but also you made me laugh, made me feel supported, and completed our amazing cheer family with your love and warmth. Watching you drive around with your daughter cheering out the sunroof of your car on several different occasions during these last few, very crazy months has been nothing less than amazing. Thank you for all of it!
Finally, thank you to Mrs. VanderKlugt, Father Ismael, Carl Morimoto, and all of the St. Francis staff for always being so supportive of this team. You have given these girls the confidence and opportunities to grow as this school’s spirit team, but also to answer the call of service in our school and greater community. They have grown as people because of how you have cared for them and have fostered this character. You have also supported me as the coach and as a mom and I appreciate that immensely. Thank you so much!
I am looking forward to our 2020-2021 season! I already know it’s going to be amazing because you are all amazing.
With love and gratitude,
Lisa Cattrone
Our annual Auction FUND-A-NEED will go toward much needed campus improvements & beautification including paint and landscaping projects. We take great pride in SFA and we thank you for your contribution toward this on-going project to improve our campus for our students and families. You can make your donation on the Online Auction Page or send in a check directly to SFA PACE with the memo marked “Fund-A-Need”.
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. We kindly ask that if you are an auction winner, have made a monetary donation to support our Auction or donated to our annual Fund-A-Need, to please check to see if your employer participates in a matching gift program. This is a quick and easy way to double your contribution and support SFA! Thank you!
Our first SFA Online Auction was a great success and we hope that everyone had a great time virtually supporting our kids, faculty and school!
While there are many, many people who contributed, we want to particularly thank our amazing faculty and staff, room parents and our PACE Board, as well as Mrs. Vanderklugt who provided great support to us throughout the Auction process!
The Auction also featured wonderful donations from our SFA families: merchandise, restaurant gift certificates, wine, vacation homes, rentals, unique experiences & more! We are astounded by the generosity of all of you and we humbly say THANKS!
Finally, a much deserved special acknowledgement to those who have helped our Auction in various ways: Emily Moore, Sarah Drain, Joanna Barrios, Lettie Hernandez-Smithwick, Katie Kearns, Cathy Salem, Chevon Dwiggins, Tessa Rigdon, Melissa Theriac, Heidi Lewis, Darlene Wehrlie, Ritz Alden, Fabiola Gonzales, Lori Vanelli, Kathleen Jarrett, Mary Beth Dam, Janice Bautista, Theresa Hall & Kathie Cronin.
Thank you for coming together and giving back to support our wonderful faculty, students, and staff; we are already looking forward to celebrating in person next year!
Thank you,
Lili Martin, Sarah Watson, Janel Pelosi & Carrie Schwabacher
Drive-In Mass
Please join Saint Francis of Assisi Church for drive in mass beginning Sunday, June 14th, at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
Please be sure to complete your registration by Monday, June 15. Please know that all accounts must be current, contract signed, and all necessary paperwork turned in in order to keep your space for your child/ren. If you did not receive the registration email, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible. We are looking forward to August 19, 2020!!
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Nut-Free School
Due to the severe, sudden, and life-threatening nature of peanut & tree nut allergies, St. Francis of Assisi School is a NUT-FREE school environment. No peanuts or nuts are allowed on campus at any time nor at any school-sponsored events- on or off campus. Thank you for supporting our proactive policy.
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Our Mission Statement
Inspired by our patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi, in collaboration with the Parish, community, parents, and students, our school celebrates an environment which is dedicated to providing quality faith-based Catholic education in a safe and nurturing environment for students in grades TK-8. Our value-centered academic programs empower the students with the skills to be faith-filled people, life-long learners and problem solvers, globally responsible citizens, and effective communicators.

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