Rosario and Ignacio Paoli

“I really believe that God led us to the St Francis of Assisi family when we were going crazy looking for schools in the Walnut Creek area.

Everyone has been so loving and supportive from the beginning! I really want to thank you for making us feel so comfortable and part of this wonderful family since day one. All the teachers and staff are perfectly selected, working hard for our kids, even in these weird times and COVID situation we are all facing, you find the way to accomplish the goal, supporting our kids.

We will treasure these memories in our hearts and if we ever come back for another adventure in the Bay Area rest assured we will look forward to seeing our three kids attending the school again!

Blessings and…  GO FALCONS!!!!!”

Joe and Natalie Ivankovich

“SFA is a school that prepares children to succeed academically. The administration, teachers, and staff are truly dedicated to the students. Their attentiveness to your child’s needs academically and socially are second to none. Equally important is the school’s emphasis on developing students of great character. Students participate in philanthropic projects and are instilled with core values of kindness and inclusivity that set them on a path to be thoughtful and kind citizens on and off campus. SFA has been a “home away from home” for our son and has been an integral part of his growth as a student and person since Kindergarten. We strongly recommend SFA School.”

Jason and Amy Ribando

“St. Francis of Assisi School has been a great experience for our three kids these past 12 years. Recalling what our son’s third grade teacher told us: ‘We teach the entire child.’ It perfectly encapsulates that every faculty and staff member is 100% dedicated to nurturing each child’s mind, body, and spirit. SFA continues to be a safe learning environment where every student can learn and grow to be their own person.”

Joanne Barrios

“I decided to send my daughters to Catholic school because I wanted them to develop a strong religious foundation with daily and weekly lessons and masses that would expand on our practices at home. I wanted my girls to learn and grow within a close knit community that would be supportive and hold them accountable for their actions. I want my daughters to learn about the needs of their community and to help though their conscious awareness and service projects. St. Francis of Assisi School has done all of this and more for not only my daughters but for our family.”

Danny and Tania Bajada

“We have loved being in the SFA community over the last 10 years because it has been a caring environment that has nurtured our boys and helped them to thrive academically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Michael and Lesley Schooler

“We believe that an education consists of more than test scores and grades. While we are confident that our sons are getting a top notch academic experience at St. Francis, we also know that the school emphasizes the development of character and values. We know that a St. Francis of Assisi education produces good students, but more importantly, good people.”

Charlie and Marcia Vela

“We choose Catholic school because it gives our children a well rounded education. It teaches both virtue and knowledge. SFA has a great community of like minded families.”

Dan and Andrea Pezel

“The St. Francis school community has been welcoming and inclusive of our family since we started three years ago. While academics are important, we also feel confident that the SFA model reinforces all students to be global citizens and kind humans. There is a true connection among families to look out for each other’s children and well being.”

Francis and Janelle Del Rosario

“We choose a catholic school for our children because of the high quality and value-added education. We wanted to be part of a community that supports our children and pushes them to excel. We’ve been part of the St Francis of Assisi community since 2017 are very pleased with the quality of education the school has to offer.”

Scott and Sarah Drain (8th and 5th grade parents)

Jason and Sarah Watson (8th, 5th and 3rd grade parents)

St. Francis of Assisi School

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