As members of the Student Body, students represent the image of SFA at school and in the community. Because of this, there are regulations pertaining to appearance. As a student at SFA, all are required to abide by the following dress code. The Principal has the final decision in this matter.

❖ Belts are required for grades 5th-8th

❖ NO skin tight, wide leg, capri, cargo, baggy, saggy or skinny pants.
❖ Jumpers, shorts, skorts and skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee cap.
❖ Only PLAIN white turtlenecks or PLAIN white t-shirts may be worn under uniform.


Uniform tops and bottoms may be purchased through Dennis uniforms, SFA used uniform sale or other uniform retailers. Jumpers, skorts and skirts may ONLY be purchased through Dennis Uniforms or used uniform sale.


  • SFA cardigan, fleece or jackets (Dennis brand only)
  • Red or navy sweatshirt with SFA logo (purchased through SFA)
  • Student Council
  • 8th grade sweaters
  • SFA CYO sweaters allowed over full uniform (EXCEPT ON MASS DAYS)
  • Winter jackets may be worn outside of classroom over full uniform

Leggings/tights: solid white or black (no logos or designs- no thigh highs allowed)

Hair: must be neat, well-groomed and off the face. Radical hairstyles (mohawks/fauxhawks), hair dying or bleaching NOT permitted). Haircuts with tails are not allowed. Shaved heads, mohawks, designs or razored parts etc. are not acceptable. Any bows or headbands must be white, navy blue, red, black or uniform plaid. Boys- hair must not touch the collar or hang in the eyes. 

Fingernails: Must be kept short and clean, ONLY clear polish on natural nails is permitted. NO artificial nails.

Makeup: NOT permitted in any grade.

Jewelry: All jewelry is prohibited. Except: non-smart watchesone wrist braceletearrings (one set of stud earrings, no larger than a dime)necklaces that are religious in nature, i.e. a blessed religious medal or cross.



Students are expected to dress appropriately and be able to participate in all school activities. In general, hairstyles or manners of dress that are inappropriate, interfere with learning, create disorder or present clear and present danger to health and safety are prohibited.

On Auction or Wheel-A-Thon Wednesdays, the event top must be the outermost layer. Free dress shoes are allowed, must be rubber-soled tie or Velcro.

These guidelines apply to all school and school sponsored events.

Uniform and non-uniform guidelines must be followed at Falcon’s Nest.


  • yoga or yoga like pants, non-uniform leggings, Jeggings
  • athletic shorts or pants
  • torn, faded baggy tight fitting or cut off pants
  • any apparel items with inappropriate sayings or pictures
  • tank, thin, cropped, cut out, low cut or bare midriff tops
  • flip flops, sandals or boots of any kind
  • miniskirts or short shorts

Dennis School Uniforms is the official supplier of our school uniform.


Gryco Sportswear is the official supplier of school uniform sweatshirts.


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