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Good Evening Saint Francis of Assisi Families,
I pray that all of you have had a joyous Christmas Season and that the New Year brings with it many blessings for you and yours. While we are all excited to get back to school and share with each other our Christmas break stories, I must address the ever-looming issue of the pandemic and its impact on our school community moving forward.
As I am sure you are all well aware, a great deal of information regarding increased cases of the virus is all over the news and social media. Even though county guidelines have begun to tighten up again, we still plan to return to in-person learning at Saint Francis of Assisi School under our existing protocols.
Yesterday afternoon I received a letter from our Superintendent that I was asked to immediately send out to all of our parents. I have received more correspondence from the Diocese today and have been working with Contra Costa County health officials to try and address as many of these concerns as possible.
The letter from the Superintendent recommends that all students get tested for Covid prior to the return to on-campus learning. After much consideration into the impacts of this recommendation, the increasing rates of positive Covid cases in our area, and the great likelihood of participation in social gatherings over the Christmas break by our families and students, I feel that the testing recommendation is the most prudent course of action to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff and the long-term sustainability of our in-person learning protocols.
With that said, I am aware that appointments for testing and take-home test kits are difficult to obtain prior to our 1/5/22 return date.
If you are able to get an appointment for testing or have access to a testing kit, please test and provide any positive results via email to [email protected].
For those of you that are unable to make an appointment or do not have access to a take-home test kit, I was able to secure test kits from the County. These are not take-home kits therefore the test will have to be administered at the school on 1/4/22 between the hours of 3:00-6:00 pm.  The results of the test take 15 minutes to come back so plan on spending approximately 45 minutes for the entire process.
For those opting to participate in the on-campus testing opportunity, only current students of Saint Francis of Assisi School will be tested. Please follow the below procedure:
  • Enter the main drive as if entering for pick up and drop off.
  • Follow the direction of the employee at the gate for where to go.
  • As you remain in your car, a test kit will be provided for the purpose of administering the test to each student. Each test will be labeled with the student’s first name to ensure controlled and accurate testing.
  • After the test is administered, you will need to wait 15 minutes for the test to show results.
  • Once the test results are visible, each test will be reviewed and documented by a staff person and you may then leave.
  • If the test result for your child(ren) is negative, they may attend in-person learning on 1/5/22 as scheduled.
  • If the test result for your child(ren) is positive, they may not attend in-person learning on 1/5/22 and our existing protocols will take effect. If there is more than one student in the car and one student tests negative while the other tests positive, this will be considered an exposure and again existing protocols will take effect. You will be contacted by staff on 1/5/22 to provide information for reporting requirements.
While not a requirement, we believe this opportunity to test and screen prior to returning from Christmas vacation will help us ensure a safer transition. We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward. Thank you for your cooperation.
“Stronger Together,”
Mrs. VanderKlugt
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