Falcon Newsletter 9-29-21
Next week will be a very busy week on our school campus. Please be sure to review the following information and guidelines
Monday, October 4 – Saint Francis of Assisi Day
  • 8:30 All School Mass- Students need to be in full uniform
  • 12:15 Blessing of the Animals in the quad. If you would like to have your pet blessed by Father, please be sure that they are either in a cage or on a leash. All visitors must wear a mask and parking is open to all. If you would like to send in a picture of your pet, please do so.
  • 12:30 Dismissal- Parents should meet at the classroom to pick up their child/ren
Tuesday, October 5- School Picture Day
  • All students should be in their red polo for pictures.
  • Parents can either order online or send in picture envelope
Friday, October 8- Wheel-A-Thon
  • Parents are invited to watch during their child/ren’s cycle time.
  • Masks are required for all parents that come on campus.
We’re gearing up for the Wheel-A-Thon on Friday, October 8th!
Commitment & Authorization Form: If you have not already done so, please forward your child’s form to the school office this week, and no later than this Friday, 10/1/21.
Sponsorship Form: Keep collecting those pledges! Sponsorship forms are due this Friday, 10/1/2021, to your child’s homeroom teacher. Following the Wheel-A-Thon, the sponsorship forms with total laps completed will be returned to each participant. All pledge money is due on Friday, 11/4/21, to qualify for prizes!!
Online Pledging: Online pledging is an easy and convenient way to help your child fundraise. Visit this website to get started: Pledging
Volunteer Sign-up:
A big thanks to all who have already signed-up to volunteer! There are still a few spots left. If you wish to participate, please use this link: Volunteers
Volunteer Requirements:
Please be sure to have all three school volunteer requirements completed before the day of the event.
1. Volunteer Form- Contact the office if you need another copy.
3. Fingerprinting- Watch announcements for fingerprinting opportunity on campus, or pick up a form in the office and complete at The PostalAnnex near Trader Joe’s. Volunteers will not be allowed to participate if all three items are not complete before the event.
A special Wheel-A-Thon lunch is available for pre-purchase for all students and families. Proceeds directly benefit the 8th grade class. Thank you for supporting the class of 2022! Please reserve online by Monday, October 4th. Lunch must be reserved in advance.
Menu: $5 – Hot dog, Small Water, Fruit Snacks, Chips
Cycling Schedule: (helmets required to participate)
TK/Kinder – 9:00 – 9:45
1st and 2nd – 9:00 – 10:00
Recess: 10:05- 10:25
3rd and 4th – 10:30 – 11:30
7th and 8th – 11:45 – 12:45
Lunch: 12:50 – 1:20
5th and 6th – 1:30 – 2:30
Let’s Run Across America!
A short time before the school year started, Mrs. Geislinger came down to the gym with an idea. I was certainly open, even excited, to hear the idea (she’s famous for her grand, creative ideas). She said, “Mr. B, I have the best idea, you’re gonna love it.” I nodded, smiled, twirled my index finger, “Sure, let’s hear it.” She gathered and said, “Ok, what if we count every single lap the kids run in PE this year?” I glared at her for a moment as I replayed that sentence in my head….count every single lap the kids run in PE this year.
She continued. “If we can figure out exactly how many of our laps equals one mile, then we can count the laps, convert them into miles, and when we reach 2,500 miles, we will have LITERALLY run across America!!”
She continued, powering through my awkward head bobbing. “It should only take us about 11 thousand, maybe 12 thousand laps. And we can have a school party if they meet their goal — Oooh, maybe we should reward the class that runs the most laps — And let’s definitely reward the class that shows the most spirit. What do you think?”
I knew I had to be honest with her. These are the words I found: “Yeah, I don’t know, Emily, that’s, like, maybe the best idea I’ve ever heard in my entire life! Let’s totally run across America! You’re a genius!!!” Then we “air-fived” several times in a row.
2,500 miles —-> to NYC by Christmas Day!
We’re out of the gates! Monday marked our 4th week underway, and we’ve already made some exciting progress – despite some brutal September heat which has forced us to skip several running days. The students are excited to run and eager to make up for lost time! Below is a current tally of each class’s progress.
1st grade – 205 laps = 45.5 miles
2nd grade – 256 laps = 56.8 miles
3rd grade – 534 laps = 118.7 miles
4th grade – 550 laps = 122.2 miles
5th grade – 542 laps = 120.4 miles
6th grade – 446 laps = 99.1 miles
7th grade – 412 laps = 91.5 miles
St. Francis School – 2,945 laps = 654.4 miles. Updated 9/28
We’re in Wendover, Utah! That’s right, we ran through Nevada and into Western Utah. It’s 52 degrees in this small town of 1,400 people. Throw a jacket on, we’ll see you next time from a different part of the country!
“Stronger Together,”
Mrs. VanderKlugt
Our mission at Choicelunch is to make it simple for busy families to stress less by taking lunch off their plates. Essential to fulfilling this mission is ensuring we get the right lunch into the hands of our students consistently and without confusion. The change to the A La Carte ordering model has made this job a bit more challenging, and starting in October, we’re modifying some of our business rules to help keep us on track. We wanted our school partners to be the first to know and will be communicating the changes to our customers over email later in the week.
Here’s what’s changing in October.
BEFORE: Late ordering and lunch cancellation for half credit available from 9am the day before and midnight prior to service.
STARTING OCT. 4: No late ordering or cancellation after 9am the day before service.
Our full menu is available for ordering until noon, 3-days in advance. After that, late ordering is available until 9am the day before with a limited menu and availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Cancellations are available until 9am the day before for full credit.
Why the Change?
Prior to A La Carte, Choicelunch would allow both late ordering and lunch cancellation for half credit between 9am the day before and midnight prior to service. The rationale behind the half credit was that while the entree likely would go unused, if the lunch was cancelled and the student’s name wasn’t on the lunch list, the sides the student would have otherwise been picking at the lunch counter obviously would not get taken. Likewise, for orders after the 9am deadline, we always sent extra sides to the lunch counter, and as long as there was an entree available, adding a name to the list was a simple change that allowed that student to still get a full meal.
With the shift to A La Carte ordering, this entire methodology faltered. Not only is the parent now preordering every component of the lunch, but even different condiments and utensils need to make their way into the bag with the student’s name on it based on their lunch order. Our team gets to work on packing these lunch orders the day before using customized printed labels for each student based on their order.
The reality of cancellations after 9am this year was that the entire lunch was getting packed and sent anyway . Cancelled lunches were showing up and getting delivered to classrooms, and some families would even cancel a lunch after 9am and place a late order for a different lunch, resulting in two lunches showing up for the same student. The result was not only confusing and wasteful, but it cast doubt on the accuracy of the ordering system.
We also attempted to allow for late ordering after the 9am deadline. Our thought was if we could have a standard configuration of lunch sides that could only be ordered after 9am, our team could quickly fulfill the orders on the morning of lunch service and get the lunches in the cold containers for delivery to schools. One thing we overlooked was that even with a standard configuration of snack, drink, and fruit, the condiments and utensils still needed to be customized. The confusion and complexity of the late ordering fulfillment resulted in late orders having a significantly higher failure rate on our end, which rightfully eroded trust between Choicelunch and our late ordering customers.
I’m a firm believer in setting appropriate expectations, and then executing well on those expectations. A 9am day before late order and cancellation deadline, while not as flexible as any of us would prefer, will allow Choicelunch to return to the level of excellence we expect of ourselves, and we know all of you expect of us as well.
BEFORE: Orders after noon, 3-days in advance limited to three standard side configurations: an apple and Pirate’s Booty; apple crisps, carrots, and milk; or apple, carrots, and milk.
STARTING OCT. 4: Full A La Carte customization of sides available up until 9am the day before.
Why the Change?
We recently shifted the full menu entree ordering deadline to noon 3-days prior to service. Product and ingredient sourcing remains one of our greatest challenges this year, and the revised deadline allowed us to get a better handle on our procurement and make sure we weren’t stocking out of ingredients necessary to make and deliver our preordered entrees within hours of needing to deliver to our schools.
The unfortunate side effect of the revised entree ordering deadline was that late orders after the deadline did not allow for any customization of lunch sides. You could still order your hot entree of choice based on availability, but you were stuck with only a standard configuration of lunch sides as an option.
Beginning in October, we have enhanced the ordering experience to allow for full customization of lunch sides up until 9am the day before! We’re excited for the change and know our families will be too. If you have an entree on order, you can even add or remove sides from your lunch ordering without a late ordering fee.
One known limitation of the system is that you cannot change your entree after noon 3-days in advance. If you decide you want a different entree after the full menu deadline has passed, you have to cancel the entire lunch (including the sides), and your available entree selections will be limited to regular-sized hot entrees based on availability. We know canceling the entire lunch order is not ideal, and we’re planning on enhancing this experience in the future to allow for customers to change entrees without cancelling the order. This change likely will not be available until later this year.
IMPORTANT: The number of emergency lunches available at your school will likely change going forward. In the past, the number of emergency lunches have been based on two factors the number of emergency lunches used and recorded at the lunch counter, as well as the remainder of the unsold last-minute lunches that were forecasted for that day. On the whole, we’ve been sending significantly more emergency lunches this year, as we increased the volume of available entrees for late ordering as part of the change to the 3-day noon full menu ordering deadline. Going forward, we are revising this forecast to help control waste. The number of emergency lunches sent daily will be based solely on the historical usage of emergency lunches recorded as part of your school’s daily Lunch Service Notes process.
Ingredient sourcing remains a challenge.
As consumers, we’re all experiencing shortages and stock outs in restaurants, coffee shops, and in grocery. The shortages seem to be hitting prepared foods in particular, with favorites like mini-pancakes, French toast, potato skins, tortellini and ravioli, gluten-free chicken tenders, and even samosas and potstickers simply stocking out. Our A La Carte sides have not been spared either, with seaweed, Izzes, and Vermont Smoke and Cure meat sticks being highly inconsistent n sourcing. We are laser-focused on this every single day and are continually adapting and modifying our menu to deal with the ever-shifting landscape.
It’s certainly not ideal, and the result is our team having to change a customer’s preordered entree to something else on the menu that day. Our goal is to identify these shortages early, make the menu change swiftly, and notify the customer with as much time as possible to change or cancel the order if they don’t like the substitute. It’s not perfect, but communicating early and often in these circumstances is all we can do in light of the challenges.
It’s been a challenging start to the school year, and even despite early bumps in the road, we continue to improve. I know we are not the only business facing these challenges, and I remain confident that even in light of the disruptions, we are the absolute best at what we do. Knowing you’re the best at something doesn’t give you any consolation though when you’re falling short of your own expectations. We know our level of excellence is not yet where we want it to be, or where you expect it to be. My commitment to you is that we will keep fighting every single day, making the improvements and modifications necessary to bring Choicelunch to the level of excellence that you and I both have grown to expect of our company.
Thank you for your continued partnership, and for your patience, understanding, and kindness. We are blessed to have wonderful partners in our school community, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on the program your students, parents, and community deserves.
Best and sincerely,
Justin Gagnon
CEO, Choicelunch
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