Falcon Newsletter 12-23-20
Principal’s Message
Saint Francis of Assisi created the first living nativity to help explain the birth of Jesus to his followers. He had a special devotion to the Child Jesus, and he is credited with creating the first nativity scene on Christmas Eve of the year 1223.
It is believed that StFrancis was first inspired by this idea after visiting the historical place of Christ’s birth on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land—the humble stable in a Bethlehem cave. It is likely this event which deepened his devotion to the Child Jesus, who was born into the world in such poverty, humility, and simplicity. In fact, Francis founded his new religious Order to imitate these very virtues. StFrancis recreated the scene of Christ’s birth in a special ritual and Mass he held inside of a cave in Greccio, Italy, inviting both his fellow friars and the townspeople to join in the celebration. Later he told a friend why he desired to create the first nativity scene in his town:
“I want to do something that will recall the memory of that Child who was born in Bethlehem, to see with bodily eyes the inconveniences of his infancy, how he lay in the manger, and how the ox and ass stood by.”
Thank you for joining us for our first Virtual Christmas program last Thursday. What a beautiful way to bring our community together and celebrate the story of Christmas together. A special thank you to Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Geislinger for all of their hard work to put it together.
LOOKING FORWARD: WELLNESS WEDNESDAY- Beginning Wednesday January 6, we will be adjusting our Wednesday schedule. This adjustment will allow Professional Development time for our faculty and staff as we continue to work through the many changes in our curriculum and learning. Please see the schedule below:
*If your child tests positive or comes in contact with Covid over the Christmas break, please notify Mrs. VanderKlugt via email.
Parenting Podcasts:
Did you think TK wasn’t going to have a Christmas party? No way! Mrs. Feldman and Mrs. Guitron dropped off a “Party in a Bag” to each child. Inside were yummy treats for our breakfast and snack, and the supplies and directions for the games. We played Christmas Bingo, Balance the Hershey Kiss on your nose and forehead, Walk the Gingerbread Man from your forehead to your mouth and marshmallow stack. The kids were having a great time then Santa appeared! He took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to the children and tell them each elf has reported back to him just how good, and sometimes bad, everyone has been. The children wished Santa a Merry Christmas and promised to leave plenty of milk, cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve! It was a great day!
First Grade’s Christmas Around the World celebration took them to Australia:
What is Scrip?
Scrip is a wonderful way for our school to earn money without having to spend extra money!
Every family is required to meet a $4,000 requirement in Scrip orders per school contract. This is easier to accomplish than you might think. If you buy groceries, shop at Amazon, go to Starbucks, etc., you are all set!
How does it work?
There are two ways you can order Scrip. The first is to order gift cards from the school. A Scrip table is set up at any Fly-By. Also, you can contact Mrs. Del Prete to order at [email protected]
The other way you can work toward your required amount is through the ​Benefit App​. Load the link onto your phone and then you don’t have to deal with gift cards. For more information about the Benefit App, see below.
Amazon Smile can now be linked to your Amazon app! No need to log into Smile anymore when making purchases. Go to settings to link SFA to your account in the app.
Every little bit counts! Help us keep costs down and keep Catholic education attainable and thriving!
Thank you for your support!
Support SFA when shopping at Amazon this holiday season.
AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets you enjoy the EXACT same wide
selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as Amazon.com. The
difference is that when you shop on Amazon Smile, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of the purchase price to StFrancis of Assisi School. It is a simple and automatic way for you to support StFrancis of Assisi School every time you shop, at no additional cost to you!
How do I shop at Amazon Smile?
To begin shopping at AmazonSmile and simultaneously begin supporting StFrancis of Assisi School, simply click on this link: Amazon Smile.You may also want to bookmark it to make it even easier to shop at Amazon Smile.
About Product Availability, Pricing and Services
Amazon Smile has the same wide selection of products, great low prices and convenient
shopping features as Amazon.com, including Amazon Prime Member benefits.
Can I use my existing Amazon.com account on Amazon Smile?
Yes, you use the same account on Amazon.com and Amazon Smile. Your Shopping Cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry and other account settings are also the same.
Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases on Amazon Smile?
Donations are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation and are not tax deductible by you.
Is this only available for a limited time?
Not at all! ANYTIME you shop at AmazonSmile, a portion of your purchase will be
automatically donated back to StFrancis of Assisi School.
Can anyone shop on AmazonSmile?
Absolutely! Invite your family and friends to help support SFA by sharing this link: Amazon Smile.
Otherwise, on their first visit to Amazon Smile, they will need to select “StFrancis of Assisi School” as their designated beneficiary before they begin shopping. Once that has been completed, Amazon Smile will continue to automatically donate to StFrancis of Assisi School.
Best of all, you can even purchase Amazon gift cards through SCRIP or the Benefit Mobile App and use them to shop at Amazon Smile.
Thank you for your support!!
The Benefit App
Another option for families to meet the Scrip minimum is to purchase gift cards through Benefit App on your mobile device. Benefit is a mobile payments app that funds the things that matter most through everyday transactions. You can easily use the Benefit app while checking out in-store or online. Paying with Benefit is faster, safer, and more rewarding than traditional payment methods.
Simply download the Benefit app on your phone, select StFrancis of Assisi as your beneficiary and shop. This app allows you to buy gift cards for thousands of retailers. You choose the amount of gift card: whether it’s for one specific purchase, or a reusable gift card amount. With your selected beneficiary, it will all go towards the school. And don’t worry, the school gets notified of your purchases and you get the script credit. Lastly, if you select your bank account as your payment method, the school will receive a higher % of contributions but you can use credit cards as well.
Scrip Orders
If you are interested in purchasing SCRIP please contact Mrs. Del Prete at [email protected].
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Our Mission Statement
Inspired by our patron saint, StFrancis of Assisi, in collaboration with the Parish, community, parents, and students, our school celebrates an environment which is dedicated to providing quality faith-based Catholic education in a safe and nurturing environment for students in grades TK-8. Our value-centered academic programs empower the students with the skills to be faith-filled people, life-long learners and problem solvers, globally responsible citizens, and effective communicators.

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