What is a “Sign Me Up” Event or Party?

These are events that parents, or a group of parents, agree to host for as many people as they find appropriate for the specific activity/party. Attendees can be adults, kids or a combination of the two. The hosts cover all expenses of the party, and 100% of the funds raised by the event benefit our school. Prices can range depending on the event, with most adult parties falling in the $30-$80 per person range and most kid parties in the $20-$40 range.

Why Are “Sign Me Up” Events & Parties Important to our Auction?

Sign Me Up Parties are essential to the success of the Auction. They are fun, extremely popular, and some of our best-selling items and a large source of revenue supporting our school. They are also a great opportunity for community building! Whether you host a party or just sign up to attend one, you are sure to have a fabulous time mixing and mingling with other SFA families.

Here’s how:

  1. Plan any type of party, activity or get-together for any number of adults, families or kids in the SFA community.
  2. Recruit your friends as co-hosts – it makes throwing the party much easier, cost-effective and a lot more fun!
  3. Check in with us as soon as possible to discuss your idea/s and timing.
  4. Plan (with your co-hosts) to cover all of the costs of the party as a contribution to the Auction.
  5. Finalize your basic party info: how many guests, where/when, etc. and fill out info online thru the Sign Me Up Host Form.
  6. We’ll auction off admission to your party during the Online Auction and any remaining available spots during the Silent Auction on April 4. All proceeds will go to support SFA!
  7. Throw your party… meet some people, have a blast!

A Few “Sign Me Up” Party & Event Ideas

For the Kids: Gingerbread House Decorating, Pajamas and Pancakes, Kids Game Night, Outdoor Movie and S'mores Night, Scavenger Hunt, Kids Mountain Bike Adventure, Last Day of School Pool Party, Cake Pop Workshop

For the Family: A’s or Giants Tailgate Party with tickets, Family Kickball Game, Parent/Child Cooking Class, Mother/Daughter Tea Party, Family Game Night, Mom/Son Bowling, Amazing Race Adventure, Parent/Jr. High Dodge-ball Game

For the Parents: Neighborhood Wine Walk, Cornhole Tournament, Cinco De Mayo celebration, Chili Cookoff, Costume Party, Mom’s Morning Hike & Brunch, Themed Dinner Party, Kentucky Derby Party, Bunco, College Throwback Party, Scotch & Steaks


For more information or to obtain a host form, please contact Auction Sign Me Up Lead Katie Kearns katietkearns@gmail.com