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Tuition and fees do not cover this entire cost of each child’s education.  The balance of the cost to educate is covered by donations and fundraising.  Therefore, it is important that every family participate in the school fundraisers to allow the school to continue to offer the best possible education for your children.



Application Fee:  $50 per child

Registration Fee:  $350 per student per school year (includes yearbook and emergency kit)

Technology Fee:  $50 per student per school year

Development Fee: $200 per student per school year (New Families Only)

Other Fees:

  • Assessment Fee:  $250 if minimum SCRIP purchase of $4,000 is not met
  • Volunteer Fee:  $25 per volunteer hour if not completed

St. Francis of Assisi School

866 Oak Grove Road
Concord, Ca. 94518
(925) 682-5414