Student Council

The Student Council is the HEART of student involvement. It is the most representative and powerful student organization because it works for all students. They work cooperatively to plan school wide events such as Root Beer Floats, Halloween Rallies, Snack Sales, Spirit Days, and so much more. In addition, the Student Council plans many school-wide mission outreach projects such as the Kids Heart Challenge. This dedicated group of student leaders from grades six through eight is visible in classrooms as class representatives and at all school-wide events. The Student Council exists to serve students and it will be as active, effective, and concerned as each student member is!

Student Council Members 2022-2023

President - Vanessa

Vice President - Orion

Secretary - Julia

Treasurer - Gabriella

Creative Commissioner - Alexis

Religion Coordinator - Isabella

Publicity Commissioner - Myles

Publicity Commissioner -Claire

Ecology Commissioner - Jaynie

Technology Director - Max

Spirit Commissioner - Ryan

Spirit Commissioner - Anna Sofia

Sports Commissioner - Xander

Utilities Commissioner - Aaden

Utilities Commissioner - Roen

Utilities Commissioner - Malia

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