Welcome from the Principal

Dear Families,


“The Mission of the Catholic school is the integral formation of students, so that they may be true to their condition as Christ's disciples and as such work effectively for the evangelization of culture and for the common good of society."  --St. John Paul II

We believe that each child comes to Saint Francis of Assisi School with unique and varied experiences that are valuable components of the learning process.

With a tradition of excellence in Catholic education since 1965, St. Francis of Assisi School offers students an opportunity to grow and thrive in a nurturing, faith-based, values driven community.  Our students are inspired to expand their intellect, build strong moral character and develop a thirst for life-long learning.  Saint Francis of Assisi provides a rigorous academic program rooted in STREAM, developing strong communications skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking — essential skills for any learner in the 21st century.  Students participate in numerous service learning projects, prayer services and outreach to the broader community.  These experiences will help your child come to discover his/her unique gifts and learn to use these gifts for personal success and to help others at school.  Saint Francis of Assisi is built on tradition, which is handed down generation to generation, ensuring that the community stays strong.

All of our teachers demonstrate their commitment to education through on-going professional development and a willingness to implement new strategies and techniques with a dedication to children and their success.

The challenging academic curriculum is designed to nurture a child’s natural curiosity and to provide opportunities for the child to think critically, reason independently, and to solve problems creatively. Differentiated instruction and a variety of teaching methods strive to meet the needs of all learners.

Teachers, parents and administrators model and witness Gospel values to each child thus enabling children to make mature Christian decisions based on Gospel teachings. Our faith-centered atmosphere and commitment to the mission and ministry of Catholic education ensures opportunities to foster in children values that are for life.

Thank you for considering Saint Francis of Assisi School.


Peace and Blessings,

Mrs. Cathy VanderKlugt


St. Francis of Assisi School

866 Oak Grove Road
Concord, Ca. 94518
(925) 682-5414