Please read the family contract for the 2018-2019 school very carefully. Refer to the tuition schedule below, fill in the tuition amount applicable to your family and select your payment schedule. (Do not leave these areas blank; do not subtract any intended aide. These amounts must equal what covers tuition for each child)


If you intend to pay the Annual Payment with a 4% discount, it must be received by Smart Tuition by August 15, 2018. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.


BOTH PARENTS must sign the contract, unless you are a single parent. Send the contract back to school with all pages by May 26, 2018 along with the non-refundable Registration fee of $300 per child. (This fee includes a yearbook and the child’s emergency kit.) There will be a late Registration fee of $50 for any paperwork received after June 2. You are not registered until a completed contract is on file, signed by the Principal. The contract will not be complete without the fee, and your place will not be held.



St. Francis of Assisi School

860 Oak Grove Road
Concord, Ca. 94518