Our School Board is composed of elected members of our Parish/School Community who volunteer their time to ensure that our school delivers the best possible educational experience to our students. They work closely with school administrators to assure the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of our students.

Through close collaboration with parish and school administration, as well as the voice of parents and families, the school board provides advice and counsel with regard to the formulation of policies that will enable the school to reach its agreed upon goals. These goals are complementary to the overall parish goals established by the parish council.

President - Lesley Schooler  Email

Vice President - Matthew Riley  Email

Pastor - Father Ismael  Email

Interim Principal - Patti Calton  Email

Teacher Representative - Kathleen O'Sullivan  Email

Planning & Membership Chair - Steve Winter  Email

Development Chair - Marcus Bronfeld  Email

Facilities & Grounds Chair - Jeanne Gomez  Email

Finance Chair - Matthew Riley  Email

Communications & Public Relations Chair - Nicole Halmer-Lee  Email

Board Member - Jason Watson  Email


Interested in joining the St. Francis of Assisi School Board?  Download the following application and send to Board President, Lesley Anne Schooler  lesley.schooler@gmail.com

Click here to download: (SFA-School-Board-Application-Final-2-2-15.pdf, Unknown)


Please feel free to contact us at: board@sfaconcord.org

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