At the School, our goal is to create a learning atmosphere that combines structure and creativity while fostering enthusiasm for life-long learning. To meet this goal, we strive to maintain a positive environment, which promotes love, understanding and acceptance. Our value-centered academic programs empower each student with the skills to be:

A faith-filled person who: 

1.1 expresses an understanding of Catholic doctrine and traditions

1.2 communicates the teachings of Jesus through example

1.3 is provided opportunities to build a personal relationship with God

A life-long learner and problem solver who: 

2.1 achieves a foundation in core subjects

2.2 demonstrates critical thinking skills

2.3 participates in co-curricular and extra-curricular enrichment programs

A globally responsible citizen who: 

3.1 respects and promotes a just use of individual, local and global resources

3.2 accepts social justice and cultural diversity

3.3 works cooperatively and independently to seek solutions and help others to do so

An effective communicator who: 

4.1 resolves conflicts peacefully

4.2 demonstrates the ability to listen, speak and write effectively

4.3 demonstrates a foundation in communicating in a second language

4.4 uses the Arts to express themselves in creative ways

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